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Some of Non-Teaching You Can Find as an Educationist

Any time you pursue an education degree, the only thing that comes in to your mind is becoming a teacher. Most people tend to assume that upon pursuing a degree in education, one must become a teacher. There are so many non-teaching careers one can pursue even with his or her education degree. One would work in schools but not as a teacher, with non-government organizations, become a corporate trainer among other sectors. It would be critical for one to know some of the careers one may consider pursuing with his or her education degree.

It is for one to be in the education environment but not in a classroom. In a case where you are already in education but you do not like teaching, you would need to know some of the career opportunities you would need to consider exploring.

Education administration is one of the sectors one may need to consider as an education degree graduate. One would easily work not from the front of the classroom but in the front office in the school environment. You would need to note that education administrators tend to come up with policies that act as a framework under which the school operates.

One may also consider working as a school counselor in a case where you would love to guide students into a more guided life. While a school counselor does not directly teach, he or she tends to interact with children in a great way in nurturing their dreams as well as ensuring that they live more goal-oriented life. One would need to work with a larger group of students especially those with various challenges.

It would also be essential for one to consider becoming an institutional coordinator. Instructional coordinators tend to work with teachers, superintendents, principals with the intention of contributing positive ways of the welfare and the education of the students but does not involve interacting with them directly.

Corporate learning is yet another career path one may consider taking as an educationist. Corporate training is also interesting especially for people who love teaching adults. In a case where you would not like to directly interact with juveniles and semi adults, you may consider going for corporate learning.

Educational sales would also be a great venture. Individuals who have been into teaching would have an easier time using their experience in their sales. Among other fields an educationist may consider pursuing include nonprofit and government work such as liaison for education advocacy, department of education as well as management of after school youth program. One may also consider becoming an online instructor, a professional tutor among other careers.

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